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Wyse 160 Terminal

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  • Model: WYSE-160-R
  • Shipping Weight: 30lbs
  • 98 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Wyse

The Wyse 160 and Wyse 160ES Terminals (WY- 160 and WY-160ES) support the widest array of ASCII/ANSI/PC personalities. Several graphics modes are also supported, including Tektronix 4010/4014 protocol, and four PC graphics modes ranging up to VGA resolution. The Wyse 160 and Wyse 160ES Terminals (WY-160 and WY-160ES) install easily in a variety of environments, through standard parallel and serial ports.

The serial port races at 115.2 Kbaud, faster than any other general purpose terminal. The Wyse 160 and Wyse 160ES Terminals (WY-160 and WY-160ES) can run two distinct terminal sessions (even from different host computers), and it's easy to switch or configure sessions via the keyboard. Other advanced features include any of four character resolutions, ASCII and ANSI programmable soft fonts, screen memory up to 8 pages, and multiple display formats.

Personalities of Wyse 160s: Wyse 160 (WY-160), Wyse 50/50+ (WY-50/50+), ADDS Viewpoint A2, Data General D200 D210/214, D211/215 TeleVideo TVI 910+, 925, 950, 955, DEC VT-220, (VT320 ID & ISO Latin-1 character set supported ),VT- 100, VT- 52, PC Terminal

Wyse 160 Display Features

80 columns: 10 x 20, 10 x 16, 10 x 13 cell, 9 x 16, 9 x 10 cell

Formats: 27 lines or 44 lines; 80 or 132 columns

Attributes: All combinations of reverse, underline, and blink; choice of double- high and/or double-wide per line

Intensities: Normal, dim, bold, blank (invisible)

Cursor: Block or underline; Blink, steady or off

Monitor: 14-inch diagonal, flat, non-glare CRT, with electrostatic field reduction (ES model)

Video: borderless overscan, 9.65 x 7.25 in (245 x 185 mm) full-screen image (selected modes)

Refresh: flicker-free 76 Hz or 60 Hz; non-interlaced

Controls: clustered brightness, contrast, and power controls adjacent to front bezel

Adjustments: tilt & swivel

Fully Refurbished - 6-Month Warranty

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